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Unience declares its respect for and compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Personal Data Protection. The purposes for which your personal data are collected are as follows:

To manage, administer and provide the Services requested from Unience.
To facilitate compliance with and performance of the contractual relationship.
If applicable, to manage payments and collections.
To know your tastes better and to adjust the services to your preferences and needs, and to be able to offer you new services.
To send you Unience or third party advertising with your consent.
For Customer segmentation and statistical purposes and to perform studies on the use of the Services.

Your consent is needed to store and use your personal data for the foregoing purposes, which you provide upon signing up in Unience. If you don't want your personal data to be used for a particular purpose, you can tell us by sending an email to
You may at any time change your choices by the same method.

The following exceptions to the assignment of your personal data are regulated by law:


Certain Unience employees may access your personal data on a case by case basis to correct mistakes or attend to your requests. All Unience employees have signed a Code of Ethics which, among other provisions, sets forth an obligation to keep confidential any information of which they become aware as employees. Such obligations survive even after termination of their employment with Unience.

Other companies

If it should be necessary to contract a service with another company, Unience certifies that it has entered into an agreement setting forth the confidentiality obligations binding on such company and its employees. These confidentiality obligations are equivalent to the obligations binding on Unience and its own employees. Certain examples are agreements with technical infrastructure providers, financial aggregator service providers and providers of customer support and commercial management tools.

Legal requirement

In accordance with applicable law, if an administrative body entitled to request information, using the requisite legal channels, should request Unience to provide certain data concerning a particular client, Unience shall be obliged by law to comply with such request. For these purposes, Unience is obliged to preserve data relating to clients who de-register from Unience during the period required to meet its legal obligations.

Aggregate data

Unience may provide its own clients or other companies with aggregate, statistical and anonymous data, where such data may be analysed without it being possible to identify the data holders individually. Some examples to which this restriction shall apply are the following:

When you want to compare your own investments with those of other clients who invest in the same products as you, Unience will provide you, for example, with the range of returns of other clients' portfolios which meet the former condition. This way, you will be able to compare your portfolio management with that of other investors with your same interests, but you will never know to what particular investors such range of returns refers.
When a company should wish to address a commercial offer to Unience clients who meet certain conditions, such as, for example, clients who invest in American funds, Unience may provide such company the total number of clients investing in American funds and who have given their consent to receive third party commercial offers. The commercial offer shall be sent directly by Unience, in the name of the offering company, and the latter shall never be provided with personal data which allow it to identify the clients who have received it individually.

You can read the full text of the Unience Privacy Policy (pdf)

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