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5 ways to get the most from Unience
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1. Learn How

From the moment you enter Unience, you can access the insights shared by other investors, and the outside information provided by Unience:
  • Opinions from investors, consultants, managers and companies, at their profiles and groups.
  • Follow users with the highest reputation, highlighted portfolios and most interesting products.
  • Create and practice with your virtual portfolios. An easy tool where you can include both stocks and funds.

2. Track the market

Unience makes available a powerful visual market consultation tool. What to expect.
  • Real time market quotes.
  • The most complete indexes in the domestic and international markets.
  • Detailed stock and fund analysis.
  • Info on currencies, commodities, bonds, risk premiums, interest rates, etc.

3. Consult your investments

You can obtain real aggregate data on all your investments in a secure environment.
  • Historic valuations and up to date investment information, with the possibility of making comparisons with indexes or products of your choice.
  • Organize your investments into different portfolios, irrespective of which financial institutions they are held at.
  • Compare the evolution of your investments and that of the main market indexes using a simple and highly visual tool.
  • Regular email alerts on the status of your investments.

4. Share

Unience's value is the aggregate information and insights of all its members. We call this collective intelligencie, applied to finance:
  • Share your financial portfolios and opinions in other social networks from Unience.
  • If you are an investor and need help, you can choose a financial advisor and share any information you deem necessary to obtain advice.
  • If you are a professional seeking to offer your services, create a premium group to showcase your company to potential clients and increase customer loyalty.
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5. Increase your reputation

Once you become an active part of our community, you will see your reputation increase. The more you participate, share and create, the greater your visibility in the network. Don't forget to invite your conatcs to Unience!

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