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Most of Unience's content is created on an ongoing basis by the users themselves. Both your personal information and the content you create belong to you, and only you can decide whether you wish to share that information with others and with whom.

There are 4 privacy levels:

  • Me: Only you.
  • Trusted People: Only those you trust the most, such as advisors, mentors, or close friends.
  • Followers: People that you have given permission to follow you.
  • All: Everyone, including Internet search engines and users you have blocked.

You may control independently the privacy settings of all your data:

Personal info privacy

  • Name, gender.
  • Date of birth.
  • Residence.
  • Photo and description.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Email.
  • Professional profile: Education, occupation, company.
  • Investor profile: Years of experience, investor profile, risk profile.
  • Followed/Following people: Show or hide in your profile the list of your followers or those that you are following

Portfolio privacy.

  • Basic data: ratios, asset allocation and trade information (product, price per unit and date).
  • Balance: Portfolio valuation, amount invested, units traded, fees and IRR.
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The default privacy setting for allyour date is ME, with the following exceptions:

  • Name and gender: if you include your name during sign up, it will be FOLLOWERS.
  • List of your followers and people following you: ALL.

In any case, you can modify your privacy settings whenever you want.

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