How the Unience reputation ranking works
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Reputation matters! It's how we build a robust and high quality community. That's why our reputation score uses more than 40 parameters. In short, the goal is to measure those who contribute positively to the greater community.

We keep our algorithm proprietary – it's what makes Unience unique, after all – but let us share some key factors you should know.


It is calculated on a daily basis
Reputation is calculated on a daily basis – meaning, everything done in Unience during a single day that affects one's reputation is taken into account in the ranking for the following day.
We've considered calculating reputation "in real time", but haven't done so yet with other priorities for our users.


You can both give and receive
One person (A) can impact another person's (B) reputation in different ways. Let's highlight three ways:
(A) follows (B)
(A) comments or shares a post by (B).
(A) includes (B) on its list of trusted people.
Furthermore, a person can help improve his own reputation by being active in the community. Some examples are: by writing comments or by creating and sharing product watchlists.


Reputation Affects Reputation
When a user impacts another user's reputation, the place held in the reputational ranking by the person impacting the other's reputation is very influential. For example, it is not the same to be followed by a person ranked in the top 10 than by another who has just signed up and is at the bottom of the reputational ranking.


Time affects reputation
Although some values remain with the passing of time, recent events are rewarded. For example, the impact of one person following another is greater on the day on which the following begins compared to, say, three months later.

As a general rule, you might say that reputation measures the contribution to the community. As a result, if you only lurk and don't comment, you will not rise in the ranks, even if you access Unience every day. On the other hand, if a person who has just signed up in Unience is very active, participates in existing conversations and does so consistently, and his or her comments and contributions are well received by others, then such person's efforts will soon be rewarded. However, they must remain active to keep a high rank, or the effect of time will cause them to slide down gradually.

We have at all times tried to prevent some of the harmful effects of these kinds of classifications, such as "the rich always getting richer" – for example, the top ranks being inaccessible for everyone else. This would be very discouraging for new entrants. We've also attempted to minimize the risk that a person could influence his/her own reputation excessively.

Overall, we use more than 40 parameters in Unience's reputation ranking to ensure that we reflect our community and those who contribute the most to it. On occasion, we might adjust a specific parameter if, for example, we feel it gives too much weight given our knowledge about the community and algorithms. However, making changes in our algorithm may lead to a sudden change in one's ranking that's difficult to explain, so we try to avoid this. Our mission is simply to improve our community – and sometimes it requires making modifications.

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